Hanging raku ceramic tile with leaves motif, home decor

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Raku ceramic tile with stylized leaves motif, on a turquoise background. This decorative ceramic tile is a unique, hand-painted, handcrafted piece of furniture to create a ceramic picture which, when hung, decorates your home in an authentic way.

Tile made of raku ceramic with the typical raku ceramic cracks that make it unique and unrepeatable. On the back preparation of an indentation to hang it with a nail on the wall or otherwise it can also be kept simply as a support. A floral picture to decorate the house, to give, to admire.

Measurements of the raku ceramic tile

  • weight: 556 g
  • width: 16cm
  • height: 26cm

Unique and unrepeatable artistic hanging ceramics by Terra Crea, Verona.

Weight 0.556 kg
Dimensions 16 × 26 × 0.5 cm

Terra Crea's artistic ceramics are unique and unrepeatable.

The processing of terracotta is made entirely by hand thanks to the experience and skill of Andrea De Paoli . The online shop offers some of our creations, but if you come and visit us at Showroom in Verona you can touch and see Andrea De Paoli at work during the creation of ceramic objects.