Red orange raku ceramic bracelet

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The orange and dark red Raku ceramic bracelet is a unique and unrepeatable jewel, given that the Raku firing process makes each piece different and original. Wearing a Raku ceramic bracelet therefore means owning an exclusive and personal piece that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Raku ceramic is known for its rustic beauty, which give the bracelet an old-world charm and organic feel. The Raku ceramic bracelet can therefore be an accessory of great visual impact, capable of enriching and embellishing one’s look with a touch of originality.

Raku ceramic is a resistant and long-lasting material, which does not easily suffer scratches and wear. Owning a Raku ceramic bracelet therefore means having a high quality jewel, which can last for a long time and which can become a real family treasure to be handed down from generation to generation.


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    Terra Crea's artistic ceramics are unique and unrepeatable.

    The processing of terracotta is made entirely by hand thanks to the experience and skill of Andrea De Paoli . The online shop offers some of our creations, but if you come and visit us at Showroom in Verona you can touch and see Andrea De Paoli at work during the creation of ceramic objects.

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