Mother Goddess “two moons”, female ceramic statuette. Cult of the Great Mother

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Mother Goddess statuette with two half moons handmade, according to the lines of the cult of the Great Mother and of the symbol connected to the mother goddess.
The materials used for the realization of this ceramic figurine are the earthenware, chocolate color and antique green.

“Where does the wild woman live?
At the bottom of the well, over the rivers, in the timeless ether.
She lives in the sap of the trees.
You live in the place where language is made.
She thrives on poetry and percussion and singing. “

C.Pinkola Estes

Measurements of the female statuette in stoneware

  • weight: 515 grams
  • height: 15 cm
  • width: 9 cm

Weight 0.515 kg
Dimensions 9 × 15 cm


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