Pottery art craft

Unique pottery creations by Maestro Andrea De Paoli entirely handmade.

Ceramic Planets creations
85.00245.00 VAT included

Planets Collections

Raku ceramic hanging Moon

70.00350.00 VAT included

Ceramic art: animals, a cute gift idea

Cats, Turtles, Cavallini, Swans and many others are the pottery creations of Andrea De Paoli, inspired by nature

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15.0020.00 VAT included
15.0020.00 VAT included

Ceramic Jewerly

Ceramic Jewerly entirely handmade: necklaces and earrings to make unique your style

Necklaces Earrings

Unique pottery art

Working clay
is a technique as old as man

Terra Crea creates handcrafted pottery products that arise from the experience and creativity of Andrea De Paoli. Simple objects such as jugs, bowls or glasses become unique artistic ceramic works.

Raku pottery art

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