Mother Goddess pendant necklace arms to the sky – bronze casting

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Mother Goddess pendant necklace arms to the sky – bronze casting

120.00 VAT included

Bronze casting Mother Goddess pendant necklace with arms facing the sky. Entirely handcrafted creation.

A pendant with a unique shape, hand-polished, built with patience and embellished with polished bronze or silver, which gives light and brilliance to the creation. An exclusive bronze fusion jewel.

The Mother Goddess represents fertility, motherhood, healing, wisdom and the creative power of nature. She is often associated with the moon, waters and earth, and symbolizes the cycle of life, death and rebirth. Throughout history, the cult of the Mother Goddess has undergone many cultural transformations and adaptations, taking on different forms according to local traditions.

Mother Goddess medium pendant measures

  • weight: 96gr
  • length: 3cm
  • bronze casting

This series of pendant necklaces dedicated to the Mother Goddess required for its creation a technique that we lacked: learning bronze casting.

Bronze casting is a manufacturing process that consists of melting bronze metal and pouring the molten liquid into a mold to create a solid shape. This process is used to create a wide variety of objects, from sculptures to small artistic creations such as jewellery. We have used it to make these new creations.

For the bronze casting of small creations, the “lost wax” technique is usually used. This process involves creating a wax model, which is coated with a layer of refractory material. The wax is then melted and the refractory shell is placed in a kiln to harden it and remove any residual water. Subsequently, the bronze is melted and poured into the mould, where it solidifies and takes the shape of the original model.

Once the bronze has cooled and hardened, the refractory shell is broken and the blank is cleaned and finished. Refinement may include removing blemishes, sanding, and patinating to create the desired look.

Bronze casting is a complex process and requires great skill and precision. Having explored the world of bronze has also allowed us to start a new journey made up of artistic creations of great beauty and durability over time.

Weight 0.093 kg
Dimensions 3 cm

Turchino/Gold, White / Gold, Turquoise/Gold


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