Hanging Globe, a decorative Earth to hung

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Hanging Globe raku ceramic pendant Earth
Hanging Globe, a decorative Earth to hung

Hanging Word Globe, a unique ceramic pendant Earth

Raku hanging Globe an amazing ceramic handmade creation with hook to be hung with a steel wire. The Raku technique makes it a unique and unrepeatable ceramic creations. An entirely handmade piece of furniture, to offer you a ceramic object of authentic Italian craftsmanship. A special gift to remember, and remind us, the beauty of our planet Earth.

4 unique colours to match the 4 available sizes: the raku ceramic globe designed to be hung in every corner of the house.

Hanging Globe to decor your home.

The challenge and intuition was to create the celestial hemisphere using the most basic material that exists, clay. And thus the first Raku ceramic Globe was born. Map in hand to realize the entire Earth geography in detail.

Spheres that become planets. Spheres that become moon and earth to hang.
Spheres that become the unique piece of furniture for your home.

Raku firing

And then the Raku firing, the choice of bright and shiny colors such as turquoise and turquoise green, the idea of respecting the movement by hanging the Globe to a wire or an iron arch.

The clay that moves the Globe in the presence of the Moon

It’s beautiful to admire our Earth as it turns and moves. Then the Moon was born, made with all its craters and seas and divided in half thanks to the black and white colors to distinguish the visible and non-visible part from the earth.

Unique raku ceramic creations

Every planet, every sphere, Globe and Moon in Raku ceramic are therefore truly unique and original creations, actually unrepeatable in the nuances and vivacity of the colours, and so every time we recreate our very personal vision of Universe: unique and colorful.

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Celadon/Gold, Green Turquoise / White, Turquoise / White, White / Gold


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Terra Crea's artistic ceramics are unique and unrepeatable.

The processing of terracotta is made entirely by hand thanks to the experience and skill of Andrea De Paoli . The online shop offers some of our creations, but if you come and visit us at Showroom in Verona you can touch and see Andrea De Paoli at work during the creation of ceramic objects.

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