Working clay is a technique as old as man

It happened almost by chance that modelling the clay could crate simple but important things; then, with sun and fire they could be more resistant. Overtime the use of incision of signs and symbols in the clay made the objects not only useful but also beautiful, giving origin to objects which tell the real story of man and woman of the past, of emperors and Gods. The big and ancient civilizations that even today we can learn from. Those objects speak of human history even before writing began, across the centuries different civilizations all over the world testify that clay has been vehicle to tell the story of culture, history, religion and art of the people. As we say in my provinces dialect: ‘La Terra Crea’ through the clay. ‘The Heart creates through clay’

Terra Crea

In 2007 I began working in ‘Terra Crea Lab’, where I create and show my pieces. It is a little boutique in the heart of the historical centre of Verona. My lab is always open for who wants to see my products and I am always willing to offer my knowledge to them. I have courses for beginners and experts and constantly have an exchange of creative ideas, techniques which continues to grow this art . I offer , on demand, private lessons of pottery wheel, modelling and cooking. You can find the boutique in Via Ponte Pietra, 25 A

Andrea De Paoli

My passion for clay was born from the simplicity of this material which has always been linked to the history of man. This is a slow , reflective art which begun as an idea and turns into reality. A creation and transformation which happens in your hands and has endless possibilities. I took part in various courses to learn different techniques of molding and cooking ceramic with classic and electronic ovens. I then became fond of unpredictability of bricks and wood ovens. And this is how I got to know Raku technique. The Raku technique , which origins in Japan has infinite possibilities . the rudimental open air ovens uses the combination of air, fire and water to create different effects on the ceramic. I perfected the Raku technique attending several courses with various ceramists who had different experiences and passed on techniques , I finally found my own way and began developing it and I continue to do so. Raku is a technique that is constantly developing using different materials and molds to create new results